March Mom Spotlight

Lauren Taylor

Being a mom… is sacrificing my alone time in the bathroom! I have one standing at the door telling me about his day (b/c it just can’t wait until I’m done ) and the other tugging and pulling up on my legs, drooling everywhere. I just want to potty in peace again! 
Hello mamas my name is Saceria and I’ve been blessed to share this journey of motherhood with my two boys. 10 1/2 years apart, my oldest is 11 years old and my baby boy is 8 months. With all the challenges and rewards it has to offer, motherhood has by far been THE BEST thing that’s happened to me. It has shaped me into the woman I never imagined I could be. I was told when I had my oldest that I might as well put modeling to the side because that dream is over. I did at first but later realized that I can be a mom & have the career I WANT! Here I am a mother of 2, model, singer, teacher/mentor and entrepreneur, pursuing all I want! I am that example to my boys showing them that no matter the obstacles placed in front of you. You can always overcome them and be whatever you want to be. Don’t let anyone tell you any different That goes to all the mama’s out there as well!

It’s a blessing and I thank God everyday for giving me the greatest love I’ve ever felt! 💜 #Momlife #Boymom #BossMom

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