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February Mom Spotlight

Lauren Taylor

Being a mom . . . The most rewarding, yet hardest job anyone could ever have. Yes cliche but it’s the best way to describe it. I am a mother of 3 all under the age of 5. My oldest son 4, middle son 3 and my daughter 9 months. We are our own amazing circus; I love it. Oh let’s not forget the 3 dogs and 1 fish running around too! But I can say that looking at where I am at now, never would my younger self ever believe it. I was going to be the working mom, have a career that wouldn’t be put aside to raise my children. Who can or would want to be home all day with children?! Well . . . turns out, me.

My husband and I moved from Colorado to Arizona when our oldest son was 1 year old. We had decided that we wanted our son raised at home by his mother. My husband is a freight driver so his schedule is all over the place and he can be gone for a week at a time. It’s hard not going to lie the inconsistencies are difficult at times but we both know that we are working for a better future and we will get there 😊❤. Soon our second son was born and I truly realized what a SAHM is . . . Chaos coordinator 🤣😂. A few years later, a move, 2 puppies and a daughter we are finally feeling like we are in a good rhythm.

All I can say is we are beyond blessed and thank God every day for all that we have be given. New mamas my biggest piece of advice. IT WILL GET BETTER. You will get to sleep again, you will feel like a human again and oddly enough you’ll likely put yourself through it all when you have more little. #wife #mom #boss ❤❤❤

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