April Mom Spotlight

Lauren Taylor

Name: Julie

Enjoying this adventure called life with my Hubby and 6 kiddos.

On this journey called motherhood for (almost) 15 years

Current place of adventure: Idaho

Life is a journey. It seem so obvious, but I don’t think I really discovered that for myself until I became a mom.

Motherhood found me at a young age. Life got challenging real fast. That overwhelming feeling that comes from knowing another human is entirely dependent on you added with sleepless nights and lots of crying makes those early days of motherhood feel like an eternity. But somehow the days did pass and before I knew it I had 3 kids in 4 years. I really don’t remember much of the first 5 years at all. Then came baby number 4, the curveball, the one who taught me more about life in one moment then I ever would have learned in my entire lifetime.

One moment, one moment was all it took and one moment was all we had. I have never felt more aware of the importance in being a mom then in those few minutes I got to have with my son. And then he was gone. But he left me a different person. He taught me about what true love really is. He taught me about what really matters in life. He made me a better mom.

After enduring the pain of losing a child I felt like there wasn’t a curveball life could throw my way that I couldn’t handle. And boy did life try. 2 more kids, a serious medical diagnosis, a move across the country to what felt like a foreign land, starting over, another move across the country to another new state, making friends and then having to make new friends again. The only difference was that now I cherished it all, every moment, even the difficult ones.


I’ve learned that you can’t control what life throws your way, but what you can control is how you react, how you choose look at the situation. Is life not fair, always getting you down? Or is life a journey? One in which you hang on for the ride, excited for the next adventure, learning and growing from the bumps along the way, and cherishing the moments in between? For me, I choose the adventure. No matter what happens there is always good to be found.

Like any journey life has its struggles as well as its triumphs, but the beauty of this journey called motherhood, well it is found in the mess of it all. The heartache and struggles, the joy and triumph, the pain, the good days and the bad days, the crumbs, the diapers, the laundry, the whining, the sleepless nights, the new experiences, the chubby little hugs, the laughter and the love, oh the love. This is where the beauty lies, because there will be one day where all you have left is the memories. Make them good ones. (My son taught me that)

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